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International Shipment: Delivering your shipments internationally

Our hub in Malaysia delivers shipments to the world, catered to most budgets and purposes.

International Express Delivery

Quick and cost-effective way to deliver shipments door-to-door across international borders. Send your documents or parcels to over 200 countries worldwide.

GDEX Guidelines: International Shipping Made Simple

It’s not as difficult as it seems. Fill out the commercial invoice with our easy-to-read manuals and use our guide to find out the specific regulations of each country.

International Shipping Guideline

Customer Invoice and Packing List

Prohibited Items List

International Commodity Guideline

Disclaimer: Extra charges will be incurred for international shipments due to reasons including but not limited to:

  • International Outskirt Delivery Area (ODA) charge when the receiver’s address is located out of the usual service area
  • Custom duties and taxes imposed on imports and exports of goods

International Fuel Surcharge

  • International fuel surcharge is a fee that is applied to cover the fluctuating cost of fuel.
  • International fuel surcharge is applied to all international shipment services. You will find the fuel surcharge applied to the net transport cost of your shipment.
  • The fuel surcharge rate is determined monthly, based on the average fuel price over two months’ prior.
Month Fuel Surcharge – Singapore Fuel Surcharge – All Other Countries,
except Singapore
April-24 15% 30.25%
May-24 15% 29.25%
June-24 15% 29.25%
  • The fuel surcharge is calculated based on the variable monthly average spot price for kerosene / jet fuel (US Gulf Coast). Prices are shown in US Dollar per gallon.
  • GDEX reserves the right to change the fuel surcharges without prior notice. All information is subject to change.
Minimum but less than Fuel Surcharge
1.66 1.72 14.25%
1.72 1.78 14.75%
1.78 1.84 15.25%
1.84 1.90 15.75%
1.90 1.96 16.25%
1.96 2.02 16.75%
2.02 2.08 17.25%
2.08 2.14 17.75%
2.14 2.20 18.25%
2.20 2.26 18.75%
2.26 2.32 19.25%
2.32 2.38 19.75%
2.38 2.44 20.25%
2.44 2.50 20.75%
2.50 2.56 21.25%
2.56 2.62 21.75%
2.62 2.68 22.25%
2.68 2.74 22.75%
2.74 2.80 23.25%
2.80 2.86 23.75%
2.86 2.92 24.25%
2.92 2.98 24.75%
2.98 3.04 25.25%
3.04 3.10 25.75%
3.10 3.16 26.25%
3.16 3.22 26.75%
3.22 3.28 27.25%
3.28 3.34 27.75%
3.34 3.40 28.25%
3.40 3.46 28.75%
3.46 3.52 29.25%
3.52 3.58 29.75%
3.58 3.64 30.25%
3.64 3.70 30.75%
3.70 3.76 31.25%
3.76 3.82 31.75%
3.82 3.88 32.25%
3.88 3.94 32.75%
3.94 4.00 33.25%
4.00 4.06 33.75%
4.06 4.12 34.25%
4.12 4.18 34.75%
4.18 4.24 35.25%

Freight Services

We’re trusted by businesses of all sizes, across many industries, to deliver shipments to over 212 countries across the world.

  • Cross Border Land Freight

  • Air Freight

  • Sea Freight

“Haji & Umrah” Baggage Service

  • Direct delivery to your doorstep.

  • Baggage delivery within 7-14 days.

  • Check baggage delivery status at

  • Various box sizes available.
  • Includes customs clearance in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

We’re ready to solve your problems

Our customs declarant specialists are highly-trained to facilitate complex import and export customs clearance. Contact us for more details:

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Useful Tools & Shipment References

Gather all the information you’ll need before creating a shipment. All tools and materials to guide you in the delivery process, ready at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GDEX International Delivery?2023-07-26T15:32:53+08:00

GDEX International delivery consists of express delivery and freight services. For international freight services, we offer cross border land, air, and sea freight solutions.

For international express delivery, we offer quick and cost-effective way to deliver shipments door-to-door across international borders. Send your documents or parcels to over 200 countries worldwide.

What is cross trade?2023-07-26T10:34:46+08:00

Cross trade is when cargo is moved between a point of origin and a destination without it entering the country where the shipper is registered.

Do I need to insure my shipment?2023-07-26T15:34:39+08:00

We highly recommend you to insure your shipment for a peace of mind.

Freight forwarders and carriers have limited liability under international conventions for loss or damage to customer goods. In the case of an incident, your compensation is normally calculated against a “standard” negligent liability clause.

How do I get a price for my shipment?2023-07-26T10:46:07+08:00

For a price estimation, click the link

For corporate rates, kindly contact our business representative to get a quote.

How do I pack my goods?2023-07-26T10:59:06+08:00

It is very important to pack/wrap the goods properly. If a shipment is not properly packed, there is a risk it could be damaged and/or damage other goods. For our packaging guidelines, please refer to

What is the maximum size and weight that can be shipped?2023-07-26T11:01:16+08:00

GDEX offers you the flexibility to ship most goods from a single pallet all the way to a full container load (FCL).

When will my shipment arrive?2023-07-26T11:02:57+08:00

We can send as fast as next day from Malaysia to Singapore. The transit time for international shipments depends on the destinations and shipment type. Kindly check your shipment status with GDEX tracking tools.

What items are prohibited?2023-07-26T11:04:36+08:00


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