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Pack your shipments right

There’s no need to think out of the box for this. Follow our packing method for your shipment to arrive its destination safe and sound.
Step 1

Choose the right box

Select a box based on your item’s size. Add 5 cm to the item’s length, height, and depth for cushioning material.

Step 2

Wrap, wrap, wrap

Yeap, we recommend 3 layers of bubble wrap before packing your item into the shipping box. It should cover all sides of your item(s).

For fragile items, please use the box-in-box method.

Step 3

It needs to fit in

It’s important to minimise empty space in the box to prevent items from moving about during transit. Cushion the empty space with peanut foam, air cushion, air pillow, bubble wrap, styrofoam, etc.

Step 4

Seal with a H

Tape your box with the H-taping method using cellophane tape of a minimum 4.8cm in width. Use labels to ensure appropriate handling, transport, and storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I pack into a GDEX Flyer?2022-12-14T23:08:39+08:00

Recommended for documents, fabric, or small soft plastic goods. Our flyers come in 3 sizes:

  1. Mini (250mm x 180mm)
  2. Small (420mm x 300mm)
  3. Big (500mm x 435mm)
What is the best practice for packing with boxes?2022-12-14T23:09:42+08:00

It is recommended for non-fragile goods to be individually wrapped with bubble wrap before being placed into a cardboard box filled with cushioning materials.

Use the H-taping method on the top and bottom of the box.

What is the box-in-box method?2022-12-14T23:15:11+08:00

Recommended for fragile goods.

We advise that these items be individually wrapped with bubble wrap and placed into a cardboard box filled with peanut foam. The box should then be placed into a bigger box filled with peanut foam, then sealed with the H-taping method.

Fragile items already in its original packaging can be packed box-in-box as well.

The outer box should be labelled accordingly for handling, storage, and transport.

What are the examples of improper packing?2022-10-20T10:53:21+08:00
  1. Improper taping
  2. Box with dents
  3. Non-standard packaging
  4. Decorative packaging
  5. Inappropriately packed fragile items
  6. Items not bubble wrapped without cushioning


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