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Speed-PAC Normal (Small)2022-11-17T09:28:00+08:00
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Speed-PAC Normal (Small)

Speed-PAC Consignment Note & Speed-PAC Box


Max. Weight: 3.0kg
Dimension: 310mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 122mm (H)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Speed-PAC?2022-11-17T09:26:26+08:00

Speed-PAC is a prepaid product with maximum weight of either 3kg or 10kg. Each purchase of Speed-PAC includes one (1) Speed-PAC consignment note and one (1) Speed-PAC Box. Speed-PAC can be used immediately or kept for later use. Speed-PAC can be purchased from any GDEX Branch, GDEX POP+ and Agent as listed on our website. Refer to GDEX Network List to locate a station near you.

Is there any packaging requirement?2022-11-17T11:51:48+08:00

Speed-PAC Box must be used together with Speed-PAC consignment notes according to the specific weight limit. No other packing materials allowed.

Can Speed-PAC consignment notes be used for International shipments?2022-11-29T15:57:27+08:00

No, Speed-PAC consignment notes can only be used for shipments within Peninsular Malaysia.

What if shipment exceeds the maximum weight printed on the consignment note?2022-11-22T13:21:28+08:00

Prepaid Add On needs to be purchased for overweight shipment. Customer can choose to use Prepaid Add On 1KG sticker or Prepaid Add On 5KG sticker according to actual weight of shipment upon lodge-in. For Pick-up arrangement, Prepaid Add On sticker can be bought in advance and pasted on overweight shipment upon pick-up. GDEX reserves the right to hold or not to accept any shipments exceeding maximum weight limit if customer disagrees to pay for Prepaid Add on.

Can more than one Speed-PAC consignment note be pasted on the shipment to make up the additional weight? For example two 3kg Speed-PAC consignment note pasted on one shipment weighing 6kg.2022-11-22T13:42:42+08:00

No, only one Speed-PAC consignment note per shipment is allowed. Prepaid Add On sticker is required to be purchased for overweight shipment according to actual weight.

Is Multi-piece Shipment (MPS) allowed?2022-11-29T15:59:02+08:00

Multi-Piece Shipment (MPS) is strictly disallowed.

Where to lodge-in once shipment is prepared?2022-11-22T13:26:07+08:00

All shipments with Speed-PAC consignment notes can be lodged in at any GDEX Branch, GDEX POP/POP+ and Agent as listed on our website. Alternatively, contact GDEX Pick-Up Hotline at 03-7787 6688 or your nearest GDEX station to arrange for shipment pick-up. Pick-up surcharge is RM5.00 per pick-up arrangement.

Can I lodge-in shipments at a different station or outlet from where my Speed-PAC was purchased?2022-11-22T13:27:14+08:00

Yes. For example, Speed-PAC purchased from GDEX Sitiawan branch can be lodged-in at GDEX Teluk Intan. Speed-PAC purchased from MBE Paradigm Mall can be lodged-in at GDEX Damansara Perdana branch, vice versa.

Can consignment note purchased be cancelled even after lodging in?2022-11-22T13:28:07+08:00

Yes. Please contact your nearest GDEX Branch if shipment is already with us and we will try to cancel the delivery accordingly. However, all consignment notes purchased are not refundable or exchangeable regardless if you decide to cancel at any point.

Can consignment note purchased be replaced with a new one?2022-11-22T13:29:52+08:00

No. Replacement is not allowed. For mistakes made when filling out the consignment note, do amend on the same copy.

Does this product have any expiry policy?2022-11-22T13:30:24+08:00

Yes. Expiry date is printed on the consignment note. GDEX reserves the right not to accept any shipment lodged in after the expiry date. Expired consignment notes are not refundable or exchangeable.

What is the minimum purchase quantity?2022-11-29T16:00:04+08:00

Multi-Piece Shipment (MPS) is strictly disallowed.

What is the liability and compensation coverage?2022-11-22T13:31:24+08:00

GDEX’s liability is strictly limited to direct loss and damage only. The maximum liability of the carriage per waybill shall not exceed RM200.00 for any reason whatsoever.

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